Virtual Physiotherapy

At the height of the pandemic, The Physio Approach offered accessible, convenient, virtual Physiotherapy sessions, while maintaining the same professional standards as in-person appointments.

Virtual Physiotherapy services in Toronto Area

This service remains available for those who continue to feel uncomfortable with in-person sessions. Assessments and treatments are performed through videoconferencing technology. We utilize a platform that abides by the Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), maintaining confidentiality and security of each session.

What to expect at your first Virtual Physiotherapy Session

With years of experience, your Physiotherapist will be able to properly assess your condition/injury. Your Physiotherapist will conduct a detailed history related to your current injury as well as any relevant past medical history. A physical exam will be performed through specific guided movements. These movements will allow your Physiotherapist to assess your range of motion, strength and movement patterns, identifying the underlying cause of the injury as well as any compensatory patterns that may have contributed to your injury. With all the information gathered, your Physiotherapist will be able to clearly communicate with you a proper diagnosis and develop a treatment plan to begin resolving your pain and get you moving.

Required equipment:

  • A device with a camera that can connect to the internet. No special programs needed. A secure link will be sent directly to you.
  • Any available exercise equipment (ie: yoga mat, resistance bands, light weights)
  • Space to move

Virtual Physiotherapy is covered by most (if not all) insurance companies. Please contact your insurance company to ensure proper coverage.

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