Sports Physiotherapy & Rehab

Injuries can occur to individuals of all fitness levels.

Sport Injury Rehab & Therapy in North York / Yonge & Finch Area.

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, a weekend warrior or just starting a new activity, returning to your sport at peak performance is our priority. At The Physio Approach, we understand sports and the pressure of return to play. We will get you back to playing fast, while ensuring that you can safely perform at your optimal level.

A well designed rehab program begins with a detailed history to understand your injury or concerns, overall health, and to establish your goals and expectations. This is followed by a comprehensive functional assessment of your mobility and strength. With specialized training in advanced manual therapy, and extensive background in exercise prescription, human movement and injury pathology, your Physiotherapist will be able to detect any compensatory movement patterns and dysfunction, and provide corrections to ensure proper exercise technique.

Why wait until you are injured?

The Physio Approach encourages being proactive and preventative. Our goal is to apply our knowledge of the body and mind, and use it to optimize your health and the way you experience life. Our preventative approach can help you with all facets of life, whether it is your daily activities, hobbies, sports, or any old or new nagging injuries or pains. Prevention is the key to reducing your risk of injury while improving your overall physical health

Some of the common sports injuries treated are:

  • rotator cuff tendinitis
  • tennis elbow
  • golfers elbow
  • wrist tendinitis
  • hip bursitis
  • hip flexor tendinitis
  • piriformis syndrome
  • runners knee
  • jumpers knee
  • knee cap pain
  • meniscal sprain or tear
  • ligament sprain or tear
  • quadriceps strain or tear
  • hamstring strain or tear
  • calf strain or tear
  • plantar fasciitis
  • achilles tendinitis
  • And Many Moreā€¦

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