About Us

The Physio Approach enables patients to get back to what they love doing.

It is a concept centered around our three core values: MOVE BETTER. BE STRONGER. LIVE HEALTHIER. The Physio Approach uses Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy treatment techniques based on research and evidence to help patients attain their goals. We encourage patients to lead an active lifestyle. We inspire them to get stronger. But being stronger is more than just physical strength. We teach and provide patients with the necessary tools to be more active. Having that knowledge empowers patients to take control of their own health.

The Physio Approach is a Physiotherapist owned and operated facility conveniently located in North York, Yonge and Finch area.  We believe in putting the needs of the patient first while focusing on restoring mobility, strength and health, allowing them to enjoy their lives again.

Meet Our Team


Alphonsus Chan

Alphonsus graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology before completing his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University. Through postgraduate continuing education, Alphonsus achieved his advanced manual therapy training to become an FCAMPT (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy). This is the highest level of training in orthopaedic manual Physiotherapy in Canada and is internationally recognized.

As an advocate of continuing education, Alphonsus has taken numerous postgraduate courses. Being certified in Acupuncture (CAFCI) and Integrated Dry Needling (CIDN), Alphonsus has found the benefits of incorporating this in his manual treatment approach. He has also received training in Active Release Technique (ART®), Functional Movement Systems, McKenzie Institute training for Spinal Dysfunction, Mulligan Mobilization with Movement Concept, Sport Kinesiotaping, and Custom orthotics. The skills and knowledge learned from these courses enable Alphonsus to adopt a comprehensive treatment approach to rehabilitation.

Alphonsus Chan - Physio Therapist located in North York
CAMPT certified - Fcampt physio Yonge and Finch

As a further testament to his commitment to lifelong learning, Alphonsus is also involved with academia. He is a Clinical Educator with the UofT Master of Science in Physiotherapy Program and a Clinical Instructor for Physiotherapy students completing their internship with accredited universities. He is also a mentor with the Orthopeadic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and University of Western Ontario for Physiotherapists pursuing their FCAMPT designation.

Alphonsus is a firm believer that movement is fundamental to maintaining optimal health. To stay active, he works out and strength trains. In addition, he is an avid golfer and enjoys playing competitive softball and football. With over 10 years of experience treating active individuals to professional athletes with varying injuries, Alphonsus has the expertise and confidence to tackle any problem. Rest assured, all treatment approaches will involve an active component to retrain specific movement patterns and restore optimal health and function.


Massage Therapist

Steven Bae

Steven Bae is a graduate of Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy and has been practicing since 2022. He has pursued his RMT career with the initial intention of supporting his parents’ health and branched out over time to help others more and feel better. Prior to pursuing an RMT career, Steven studied business and worked in retail for over 10 years. 

His main techniques are Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, and Deep Tissue Techniques. While constantly evolving and discovering new modalities to equip his therapeutic arsenal, they are primarily used when offering Sports, Injury Rehabilitation, or Relaxation treatments. 

Steven takes great pride in ensuring all his clients have an exceptional experience with their treatments. He confidently adapts to different styles of treatment from holistic relaxation treatment to a more technical rehabilitation approach, as needed. His adaptability 

Alphonsus Chan - Physio Therapist located in North York

combined with knowledge and interpersonal skills allows him to establish compatibility with new and concurrent clients. He encourages his clients to ask any questions they may have about their health and will answer them to the best of his ability. 

While equipped to treat most issues, Steven gravitates towards cases that are more upper body and spine focused, such as; Lower Back Pain, Headaches/Neck pain, Shoulder, and Forearm pains. Amongst the sedentary lifestyle populace, he finds these areas of complaint prevalent. He also has a special interest in treating TMJ dysfunction and carpal tunnel-related issues, as he grew up playing a lot of video games and experienced those same issues. 

When Steven is not practicing, he is most likely spending his time doing continuous learning, playing video games, or exercising. Steven enjoys many different sports and they change quite frequently.

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